From the Lower School: Chocolate Unit Exit Point

Last Friday, the children in Year 4 took part in an Exit Point to end their Chocolate unit. The exit point was titled ‘Dragon’s Den’ and was based on the British television programme (similar to Shark Tank in the United States). The aim of the activity was to get the dragons (a combination of parents, teachers and administrative staff) to invest up to $50000 in their companies.

Students worked in teams (companies) to present a chocolate bar that they had made in their Technology lessons. They also presented a wrapper that they had designed in Art lessons. The Dragons were looking for evidence that a target market had been considered in the designs and that the companies showed an awareness of Fair Trade. These are all areas that students had learned about over the past few weeks.

Exit Points are designed to allow children to show the breadth of their learning, allowing them to present their learning in a comprehensive manner. It has to be said: all of the groups did fantastic work!

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